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Welcome to our free online CPD website for anyone working in the perioperative environment.

Reflection is now a necessary part of most CPD programmes. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay. We have a simple reflective template you can fill in that makes this process as simple as possible.

Why is it important for me to reflect on my learning?

Reflective learning enables you:

  • to accept responsibility for your own personal growth
  • to see a clear link between the effort you put into your development activity and the benefits you get out of it
  • to help see more value in each learning experience, by knowing why you’re doing it and what’s in it for you
  • learn how to ‘learn’ and add new skills over time

Every regulating body has its own requirements for CPD although they generally follow the same lines.
Most are of either:

  • 20-35 hours of various types of CPD including participatory learning every year.
  • One piece of CPD every 1-2 months.
    All generally require reflection and want you to relate to your code of practice. i.e. How it helps you practice safely, helps the patient, helps your employer or helps you develop in your profession.

There are several templates you can use:

the U.K. NMC  CPD log
NMC revalidation CPD log     (a download of a word document)

or the HCPC reflection template

HCPC reflective template