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PerioperativeCPD provides free education for everyone working in the theatre environment. Theatre nurses, ODPs, anaesthetic assistants, technicians, practitioners, everyone is welcome.

Since 2015 we have become a trusted and respected source of free online CPD with a growing library of quality modules.  Join the thousands of operating theatre professionals from over 20 countries who make perioperativeCPD such a success. 

100% Free                 
100% free for everyone. Run by a small group of ODPs’ (operating department practitioners) and designed as an open-access resource for anyone who works in the theatre environment.

We thank Proact Medical Ltd. for their sponsorship which helps cover the costs of running the website.

We hold all pass results for two years in case you need proof for a revalidation or CPD audit.

Obtain over 80% in the module test and you can print of a certificate of achievement.

All modules & PDFs are free to download, print and keep, you are free to use them for your own educational activities.*
We also have a student zone with module for those who are new to anaesthetics and recovery (PACU).

Recent modules:

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